The Best of the Gubernatorial Write-In Candidates

Between Jimmy McMillan, the ineffable and unstoppable Kristin Davis, and Buffalo’s own Carl Paladino, the Governor’s race was quite the show this year.  As a wannabe political reporter, I can attest to the fact that for a month or so, I lived to cover this crazy race.  

Every day, I miss it.

The New York City Board of Elections recently put up the full records of the Governor’s race, including all the write-in candidates.  Apparently, some people couldn’t — or didn’t want to — let go of the past.  20 people in the city wrote in for our beloved ex-Gov David Paterson, 8 for former Mayor Giuliani, and even 30 who thought Bloomberg needed a new job.

Here’s the best of the rest. For this crew, there’s always another race on the way, so start getting those PAC’s going:

  • Anyone Else (1)
  • Bill Clinton (1)
  • Chris Christie (1)
  • Donald Duck (1)
  • George Pataki (1)
  • Ed Koch (1)
  • I Object to No Term Limits (1)
  • Jon Stewart (1)
  • Homer Simpson (1)
  • Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God (1)
  • Michael Bloomberg (30)
  • "Carl" (1)
  • Mr. Magoo (1)
  • None of These Candidates Are Acceptable (1)
  • Rudy Giuliani (8)

(h/t Foster Kamer for the original post)

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